Meet our member of the month, Maggie Hyde,
the blogger behind Chews Local.

What was your original motivation for your blog? What keeps you motivated?

My original motivation was food, of course, and creating and sharing. Food motivates just about everything I do. It’s the reason I learned to cook, the reason I write, and the reason I photograph. It’s the reason I currently grow over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Every aspect of my life somehow correlates to food, and I don’t think I’m unique in that. Food and the preparation of it is a universal experience. It’s something we can all relate to.

What currently keeps me motivated is community. This answer actually kind of shocks me still. In my teens and early 20s, I was a wild child who thought she didn’t need anyone. In my mid- to late-20s, I was more recluse than social butterfly. Now, in my early 30s, I’ve come to realize how magical communities can be. As humans, we have this deep need to connect, but it’s usually accompanied by fear of putting yourself out there. As a dear friend of mine always says, “lean into fear.” I’ve learned it’s usually worth the risk and wildly beautiful on the other side.

If I’m able to write something that makes someone laugh, photograph something that evokes a spark in someone else, or create something that makes another person say, “yum” it motivates me to keep going . . . even (and especially) when I’ve exhausted every curse word I know of because I can’t get something to look/taste/feel quite the way I want. I’m also super inspired by what others are creating, sharing, and growing. There are remarkably brilliant creators all around us and within us. It’s fantastic.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I say pasta, but I mean in all it’s variations, is that cheating? If so, homemade egg pasta with various types of mushrooms in a wine sauce. And the best Pinot Noir . . . in the world. And sparkling water, because we are talking about the rest of my life, here. I’ll need to stay hydrated. Now that I think about it, the question asks about one meal. Can one meal have many courses? If so, I’ll get back to you all on this one.

What has been your biggest cooking disaster?

Oh my gosh . . . all of them? I’m a hurricane in the kitchen. Dishes. Everywhere.  And everything takes me much longer than anticipated.

How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July?

The cabin, up north, at the lake, in the northwoods (choose your favorite Midwestern phrase . . . Minocqua area)

What’s your favorite summer pastime?

Growing up, all the wild times on the grand ol’ Mississippi river. As an adult, the lake, for sure.

July Member of the Month: Maggie Hyde

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