Meet our member of the month, Inger Wilkerson,

the blogger behind, The Art of Natural Living.

What was your original motivation for your blog? What keeps you motivated?

I used to be an IT director and people were always amazed that I managed to feed my family home-cooked organic.  I always thought a blog would be a nice way to share some of what I’d learned.  I stay motivated because I really like to cook and still get excited when I find a great new recipe!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything seafood!

What has been your biggest cooking disaster?

There was a Cream of Spinach soup recipe that I’ve made since my teens and enjoyed sharing with my kids.  They liked it just fine until one day the spinach was a bit stringy.  I thought I’d be clever and fix it by pureeing it in the blender but once I poured it out, I knew this was a bad idea.  My kids called it “Cream of Pond Scum Soup” and they were right–it did look just like pond scum!

What is one dish at Thanksgiving that is a must-have for you?

I always bring a variety of pies and my favorite is Betty Crocker’s French apple pie. I make it just like the original but I don’t peel my apples. It’s also my most visited post!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

On Thanksgiving, I like to go around the room and have everyone mention one thing they are grateful for.  That’s the spirit of the day after all!

November Member of the Month: Inger Wilkerson

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