Breakfast_syrupWhisk is a diverse collective of Wisconsin-based blogs and websites covering food, restaurants, lifestyle, and related topics. We work with a wide variety of producers and companies to feature high-quality products and opportunities related to cooking, eating, and enjoying a delicious life.
Wisconsin Whisk works with producers and sponsors to connect your brand with local Wisconsin bloggers who want to promote your products. For each campaign, our members fill out an application to provide you with useful information about their blog stats and traffic, demographics, and overall compatibility of their blog with your brand. Using this information, we are able to build product campaigns that really fit your brand and showcase your product the way you want.
Whisk member blogs may be interested in partnering with your business for:
  • Recipe development (for use in marketing materials, online features, publications, and more)
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • And more!


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